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We are a community learning to foster a new level of depth, joy and passion in our marriage.

We want couples to experience God’s design for a purposeful, joyful, and intimate marriage. To build and support high quality marriages that impact families for generations, we offer workshops, seminars, retreats, coaching, small groups, and other resources throughout the year that integrate Biblical principles with practical tools like Emotionally Healthy Discipleship.

Here are some ways you can connect with our marriage community:

Premarital coaching

Through our premarital process we desire to give you the most valuable wedding present we can: a loving, lasting investment in your relationship as you prepare to make a lifelong commitment to one another.

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Connect with other couples

We have several small groups running where you can build relationships with other couples and connect with them over the challenges and joys of marriage and parenting.

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Deepen your marriage

Perhaps everything is running relatively smoothly in your marriage right now, but you sense that there’s a greater level of intimacy that you can aspire to. The well of marriage is deep and God always has more for us. Join us for our marriage equipping workshops throughout the year to foster a new level of joy and passion in your relationship.

Find help

If you feel stuck in your marriage, repeating the same arguments over and over, or if you feel like everything is broken and there’s nothing worth salvaging anymore, we’d love to connect you with counseling and other resources that will help you restore hope in your marriage.

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