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Hope & Healing

New Life Fellowship seeks to be a community that welcomes people of all backgrounds and issues to bring their hurts, habits, and hangups into the light and find hope and healing through the power of Christ.

We have a team of leaders available to provide compassionate counsel, prayer, and referrals when needed. We offer several ways to find hope and healing such as: recovery, support groups, and counseling referrals.

What we offer

Inner Healing & Deliverance

The Inner Healing and Deliverance ministry desires to introduce the healing power of the gospel to the body of Christ so that it can function from a true place of freedom. It is based on Isaiah 61’s call to bind the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom for the captives, and open prison doors. We rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to bring emotional, mental, spiritual and physical healing during prayer sessions.  Our meetings take place on the third Saturday of each month.  For more information email us at If you would like to sign up for our email list and receive information about upcoming meetings, click on this link:

Pure Desire

Pure Desire groups are for those who struggle with their sexual behavior and feel stuck. In the group, we’ll look at the thoughts, emotions, and belief systems driving our behaviors so that we can experience true change from the inside out.

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Genesis Process

Our group helps those who are willing to change be able to change. The Genesis Process identifies the subconscious fears (which are actually survival belief systems) that control our self-destructive behavior and emotions and resolve them. Whether the issue is anxiety, anger, alcohol, drug or food abuse, a negative, critical attitude, or spiritual stagnation, the purpose of these groups is to help you find new freedom that lasts.

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CrossCurrent & Living Waters

Our CrossCurrent and Living Waters groups are for men and women seeking healing from relational and sexual brokenness in their lives. Share your pain and struggle with others and find freedom in truth so that you can “love well” as God intended. These groups are facilitated by a trained leader and will follow a 20 week lesson plan. Each meeting includes worship, teaching, prayer and same gender small group time. The ultimate goal is for you to break free from unhealthy living as you learn how to press into Jesus more deeply, allowing Him to meet your needs and transform you for His Kingdom purposes.

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Becoming Good News

If you have family members, loved ones or friends exploring alternate sexual identities, this prayer guide may be for you. While we cannot change anyone, we can be changed and through prayer we can ask to become compelling witnesses for the wounded and confused. Email for prayer or support on this topic:

Click HERE to find and purchase the 40-day prayer guide “Becoming Good News” for $5.00.

Paraclete Prayer Ministry

The Paraclete Ministry will come alongside you in whatever you’re facing or struggling with to ask the Helper on your behalf (John 14-15). Whether you’re in need of encouragement, assurance, clarity, or just feeling stuck, we can seek the Lord together. His promise is that He would never leave us nor forsake us, but sometimes we all could use some help to strengthen our faith, be reminded of what Jesus has taught and shown us, and to hear His voice. And through that, draw you closer to the One who loves you deeply. Paraclete is the Greek word for “called to one’s aid” or in short “advocate, helper, comforter, intercessor.”  Individuals or couples seeking intercession or prayer will be assigned 2-3 intercessors depending on scheduling and availability. Please fill out this form to request a prayer appointment.


Do You Want Someone To Pray With You?

Prayer is not only essential for our spiritual growth, it’s how we care for others. We pray for prayer requests submitted to our church every week.